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Day of action still in plans

by Archives January 31, 2001
The Quebec component of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is usually a participant of the cross-Canada “Day of Action” against cuts to education, but it has not yet decided on the topic of protest this year.
The demonstration, which usually takes place in early February, is a combined effort by all provincial chapters of the CFS and takes aim at an issue of importance to students throughout the nation.
Suggested topics for this year’s demonstration include the suggested $4-billion cuts to education leaked by a member of the Quebec government last week. The CFS has not yet made any final decisions.
This year, the CFS has turned its attention towards the planned protests at the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meetings in Quebec City.
“By and large, what we are focusing on is the FTAA,” said Dave Conti, secretary-treasurer of the CFS. “We meet as a component to discuss plans of action every week, but it is the one that is requiring most of our attention at
this time.”
The CFS has been busy working with members of various coalitions in preparation for April’s events, including FTAA alert groups, as well as setting up workshops, spreading the word and organizing buses and billeting for students
who plan to attend.

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