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Reggies, JavaU and Hive stuck with Zoom ad panels until 2004

by Archives January 10, 2001
There are still Zoom Media ads in some of the university’s bathrooms, even though Concordia students kicked Zoom off campus.

“This contract dates back to 1994 and expires in 2004,” said Claude Breault, communication director for Zoom Media.

These advertising panels are under a different contract signed with the business arm of the Concordia Student Union (CSU), CUSACorp. It runs Reggie’s and the Hive. It also leases space to JavaU.

“I have never heard of the contract until this Monday,” said Tom Keefer, CSU vp communications. He added that no one else in the student union knew about this contract.

“Zoom Media knows that student governments change every year and they should have sent us a letter about this contract,” said Keefer.

The contract, which was obtained by The Concordian, expired in July 1999. The contract states that a renewal letter will be sent when the contract is close to expiry. If there is no reply, the contract automatically renews itself.

According to Keefer, the CSU did not receive a renewal letter, which is usually sent by registered mail. For the moment, Keefer is waiting for proof from Zoom Media that a letter was sent.

Keefer does not know how much revenue CUSACorp has made for the panels in its bathrooms or whether CUSACorp has received any cheques from Zoom Media.

Rick Stom, General Manager for the CSU and the person responsible for CUSACorp, could not be reached for comment.

Zoom strikes back

A new survey paid by Zoom Media and another advertising agency, NewAd, says that 79 per cent of Canadian students are in favour of advertising on campus if a part of the revenue is given back to students. Twelve per cent of students are indifferent to the ads and nine per cent of students oppose the ads. L

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