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Time out: Lindros the whino

by Archives January 17, 2001
Just when you though Eric Lindros had grown up a little, he proves us all wrong yet again.
The now broken, former captain of the Philadelphia Flyers has demanded from general manager Bobby Clarke to be traded to Toronto-or no one.
Let’s travel through the mists of time for a moment shall we. A struggling little team called the Quebec Nordiques had the first overall pick and selected Lindros
back in 1991. I’ll never forget when he walked up on that podium in front of thousands and refused to put on the blue, white and red jersey. But hey, who cares
about the thousands of hopefuls who would have given their left foot to play for any team back then, but poor Eric didn’t want to play for a losing team and
promptly demanded a trade.
Now 27, you’d figure that Lindros should have grown up by now and play where he’s sent-and be treated like any other NHL player who has been dealt. I guess he
hasn’t learned anything in the past nine years.
Lindros wants to go to Toronto, but hey, who wouldn’t. You can stay in Canada and still make large sums of money unlike other Canadian cities
(*cough*Montreal*cough*), they’re a contender for the Cup and he’ll eventually become a spokesperson for Chunky soup.
There’s a large stumbling block that prevents him from packing up his swag and heading to the great white north. Bobby Clarke now refuses to deal with the
Leafs because they’re offering him close to nothing for Lindros, which I’m guessing includes a pail of pucks, a couple of rusty nets and a few season tickets in
the nose bleed section of the Air Canada Centre.
I don’t blame the Leafs for offering nothing for the Big “E”. One game against the Devils and one of Scott Stevens crushing checks and he’ll be hosting NHL Cool
Shots with his brother Brett, who suffered the same fate a few years back. If he does go to Toronto, I’d pay him per game just so the Leafs won’t be financing
the league’s toughest and most expensive water boy.

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