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So, what are “little girls made of”?

by Archives February 14, 2001
Avid listeners of local pop stations like Mix 96 are already aware of one of the latest tunes to hit the play lists. It’s called “Checkin’ Me Out” by Jai, a promising young R&B group from Montreal. And two members of the hot trio can be spotted walking down the busy halls of Concordia.
Shahara Sinclair, 22, Karina Morin, 23, and Suyin Monette, 24, are the funky ladies whose voices harmoniously bring Jai to life. Sinclair and Morin met several years ago and jammed. When Monette came into the picture, the three voices clicked, said Sinclair, and they decided it would be fun to start a group.
“We all have a different background as far as singing goes and nationalities,” noted Sinclair who has sung solo for years. The sounds of Destiny’s Child and other well-known R&B singers faded away as Sinclair practiced some harmonizing for Jai’s upcoming performances.
Unlike many of the music industry’s most popular acts, Jai does all their own songwriting. Sinclair was quick to share the story of how “Checkin’ Me Out” was written.
She was working for a transport company and in her free time between phone calls, on the back of a note pad, jotted down a rough version of what she thought listeners might be hearing on Montreal’s air waves.
“The most exciting part for me was that I sat down during work and wrote the song in 20 minutes,” Sinclair declared with pride. “People across the world hear the words that I expressed.”
Between jobs, rehearsals and in-studio recordings, both Sinclair and Morin still make time for an education. Sinclair is in English Literature and Morin attends Continuing Education at Concordia.
Fan and co-worker Cecilia Cabrera followed Sinclair and the group to the Dome for their January 27 concert, and had plenty to say about their performance.
“I think they have a lot of potential. They’re working as a team and everybody seems to like them.” Regarding their new single, Cabrera said, “Their song is something that is true so it attracts a lot of people.” The loud cheers from the Dome patrons reflected Cabrera’s comment to a tee.
Sinclair’s dream is to fulfill a successful singing career and if it isn’t with Jai, it’ll be solo where she began her career many years ago. “I came out singing,” she said amusingly. “I’ve been singing all my life.”
Keep your eyes opened for Jai’s first music video and CD, which are due to be released sometime in the near future.

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