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Rec sports a nice change from the everyday

by Archives March 28, 2001
Physical fitness is something many people take for granted.
With obesity on the rise, exercise is a great alternative to losing those unwanted pounds.
The benefits of physical fitness certainly outweigh the negatives. Besides, what better way to spend a few hours from your hectic schedule then with some good old fashion, heart stomping, sweat beading exercise.
Not only do you benefit from physical well being, your mind also becomes clearer. It is well documented that being physically active can decrease stress and increase concentration skills.
Furthermore, exercising doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself. There are numerous activities that you and your friends can take part in. Team sports are a perfect example.
Playing team sports promotes camaraderie, friendship and solidarity. Qualities
that mean a great deal in real world working conditions.
Many of you probably don’t have the time or patience to go to expensive pro-gyms and fitness centres to work out, especially since academic finals are coming up.
So why not look right in your backyard where Concordia University possesses great facilities and wonderful trainers to help you stay in top physical form.
Concordia currently operates two gyms; one at the Victoria Gym located downtown at 1820 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West and the other at the Loyola Athletic Complex located at 7200 Sherbrooke St. West.
The Victoria Gym offers numerous affordable activities such as aerobics, dance, martial arts and recreational sports. The Loyola Complex accommodates among other things the extremely popular sport leagues composed of ice hockey, basketball, broom ball, indoor soccer and volleyball.
Activities such as squash and tennis are held at Marianopolis College and Rockland sports complex respectively.
“The fees are very affordable and players get full value for participating,” said Mike Rinaldi, ice hockey coordinator/programmer for Concordia campus recreation.
Although the intramural sport leagues are in their final stages of competition, there are still recreational team sports and individual activities that are still readily available before the scheduled deadline of April 5th. Those include basketball, badminton, “shinny” hockey and aerobics.
Campus recreation has a price tag ranging from $12/session for weight room instruction to $120 for tennis per semester. Participants are usually Concordia students, staff, faculty and alumni. However, the general public is permitted to join but at higher price ranges.
With the semester almost over, day passes are at your disposal at $2 for students and $3 for staff and alumni.
The efforts of campus recreation staff does not go unnoticed, as record numbers of participants join throughout the fall and winter semesters.
Additional activity information can be obtained by either contacting the Victoria Gym at 848-3860 or the Loyola Athletic Complex at 848-3858.
You can also find further info by accessing the Concordia Athletics website at relish.concordia.ca/Rec_Ath.

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