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The Brothers: Money, booty, and stupidity

by Archives March 21, 2001
I can’t review this movie. I came to this conclusion shortly after the credits to The Brothers began and I found myself wondering what this movie was going to be about. My question went unanswered, and as I walked out I was satisfied to leave it at that.
The problem is that I’m white and as a result I am the butt of about half the jokes in this movie. This is not a bad thing because many of the jokes – although they are somewhat scarce – are funny. Take, for example, a scene where the millionaire mother of one of these four friends, who aren’t actually brothers (it took me 30 minutes to figure that one out), is talking to her daughter, played by the younger sister in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The mother is appalled to hear her daughter would consider choosing a white man over a black one to date. The daughter says that white men are just as good looking and have twice the money as black men.
In the context of The Brothers, this makes no sense because every character lives the life of Jay-Z’s rap videos (i.e. rich and drowning in super models). The story is unimportant and frustrating as a result.
We are introduced to these four friends, each with a diamond earring bigger than the next, on a regular day at their high paying jobs. One’s a lawyer, the next is a doctor and the other two, well, I guess the writers couldn’t come up with two more respectable high paying jobs…anyways.
So these four guys are having trouble with commitment since they’re handsome, they drive around in $100,000 cars and they hang out at fancy nightclubs. I suppose the point of the movie was to show that these possessions were no consolation for the emptiness that they felt without a steady girlfriend to love and respect. No, wait a second – that wasn’t the point at all. The fact is this is the most morally misguided movie I’ve ever seen. It’s like a two-hour rap video, except without the music.
The one thing that kept me from tearing the hair out of my skull was the hilarious subplot consisting of the funny ‘brother’, played by stand up comic D.L. Hughley, attempting to get his wife to give him head. His wife, scared to please her husband in this way, leaves him “harder than Chinese arithmetic” for which he divorces her. It’s hard to say why he did this, but at least he was funny in the process.
The other three brothers have lives that resemble three bad sitcoms rolled into one. So bad, in fact, that in a laughable attempt at a tearful scene in the movie one of the ‘brothers’ reconciles with his fianc

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