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Final hoorah

by Archives April 4, 2001
An impressionable passage from Joyce Carol Oates, ‘Triumph of the Spider Monkey’

“when the Spider Monkeys inside open soul-doors to us spidermonkeys skinned alive the magic of My Passage on Earth will be just another headline.”

The passage leads into a short novel which she dedicated, -to those on the Outside. In a sense it summarizes, in a few words, the role of student newspapers within the university. They serve as forums in which students’ stories, ideas, triumphs and failures are recorded for the pleasure and interest of their peers.
Student papers, offer their communities a peek through a window onto student life. They help to illustrate the efforts of people who are struggling to find direction or a place for themselves in the world through their studies and the creative exploration of divergent ideologies and others. However, once blackened
thumbs have been rinsed and the papers tossed away, the stories become little more than a tattered clutter of headlines which are later disposed of.

Flipping through this past year’s issues some headlines still stand out as being memorable:

Stingers crowned QSSF champions
Men’s rugby team captures second straight title in as many years after defeating Bishop’s in final

Massive fraud criminal charges imminent
Unnamed suspect alleged of siphoning at least $180,000 from CSU

Eroticism beyond monogamy
Book sheds light on swingers lifestyle

Students blow whistle on construction
Those enrolled in Teaching English as a Second Language want refund for noise at Faubourg

Accreditation gets big okay
Drive succeeds with two-thirds of vote and highest voter turnout ever

Concordia puzzles outside world
Many in mainstream media react unfavourably to exam deferral decision

Beaches and waves, summer classes and hotdog stands or work in a stuffy cramped cubicle, the Concordian would like to wish all its readers a wonderful and fulfilling summer.
On a final note, thank-you to all of the contributors, staff and editors of the
Concordian who put such tremendous, and often selfless effort into the production of this past school year’s newspapers and complimentary web publication.

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