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Montreal Expos open season with hope

by Archives April 4, 2001
If this is the Expos’ last year in Montreal, it won’t be for lack of trying.
During the 2001 campaign, the Expos will be trying hard to get you, your grandmother, and me into the stands this year.
With the Expos starting their season on April 2nd, they hope to attract a lot of students into the stands. Well bleachers, that is. Every Friday night after April 6th Home Opener will be “Student Bleacher Night” at the Big O, allowing students to get in to the stadium for a mere six dollars, two bucks off the
regular price.
While Montreal already had the second-lowest average ticket prices in all of Major League Baseball, the Expos have made that deal an even better one this season. Compare that with the Boston, where the cheapest ticket is $18. (That’s in real U.S. greenbacks, about $28 Canadian.)
The Expos realize that had they left tickets at $8, few would complain, considering the fact that the cheapest seat for a Habs game is $15 to $20. The fact that they lowered it to $6 for students show that the Expos are making a
concerted effort to get people into the yellow and blue seats at the Big O. The Expos figure that this will translate into increased food and souvenir sales.
According to Team Marketing Report’s annual survey, that was released last week, the Expos offer the best value in that category as well.
The student night promotion will coincide with the new Molson Ex Zone at the Big O. With Molson replacing Labatt as the ‘Spos title sponsor, the beer company will be offering cheap seats, beer, and hot dogs throughout the season on the weekends in their special zone.
What about my grandma, you ask? Well, the Expos aren’t only trying to appeal to students. Seniors will get 50 percent off most tickets at Olympic Stadium every Tuesday. If you’re a lady reading this, there is more good news. Every Thursday, women will get the same deal. If you happen to know a lot of people, the club
will be offering a 50 percent discount on groups of 25 or more every Monday.
Why go see the Expos? As even the lone man at the Expos ticket sales office says
“We’ve got the best player in the game, Vladimir Guerrero.” He is perhaps the
best player in the game, in the company of his “big brother” figure, Pedro Martinez, and everyone’s favourite $252 million man, Alex Rodriguez. This season will also see the comeback of Tim Raines, who made the team after an exceptional spring training. Raines last played for the Expos at the beginning of last
decade, and will without a doubt receive this year’s biggest ovation.
The Montreal Expos kick off their home season this Friday night at 7:05 pm. The
pre-game festivities will include a light and techno music show as well as the return of Expo legends Gary Carter and Rusty Staub. Tickets at Admission (514)790-1245, 8GO-EXPO for groups above 25 and also on the team’s web site,

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