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Fee goes up for foreign students

by Archives September 12, 2001
International students were angered over the John Molson School of Business’s (JMSB) decision to raise fees for new international students by about 40 per cent over the next two years.
According to statistics from the International Students Office, international students already paid about $10,000 dollars last year to attend the business school. New students pay $12,000 dollars for this year, and $14,000 dollars for the 2002/2003 sessions.
These figures add up to a 40 per cent increase for new international student fees. Claudette Fortier, co-ordinator for International Student Affairs, said that was too much.
“Some people assume that international students have an expandable budget, but this is not the case,” said Fortier. She added that these fee increases, when translated into weaker international currencies, could mean financial hardships for some students.
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