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Fun computer-animated monsters

by Archives November 7, 2001
There will be many comparisons when viewing Monsters Inc. to its’ Pixar
siblings. Yet doing so would be a great injustice.
With a witty blend of adventure, warmth, humour and fantasy, this film stands above the rest and dutifully lives up to its’ expectations.
Monsters, Inc. is the fourth in a series of films from Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Its last outing was Toy Story 2 and up until then was the best film in the series. Now, Monsters, Inc. will give viewers a hard time debating which one of the films is the best yet.
Starring the voices of John Goodman as Sully and Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, this film follows our two lovable (and toy-friendly/marketable) heroes as they unleash the worst of their horrors – a human child.
With another inventive and flexible plot, the creators of this film have
assembled a fresh and fast paced comedic adventure with enough warmth that will even be conveyed to the smallest child in the theatre.
The plot bases itself on a hidden city where monsters such as our two heroes scare children in order to capture their screams. There is only one problem: our monsters are actually afraid of the very children they scare.
After an error occurs, a child finds himself in the monsters’ lair, creating
havoc and frenzy that only Pixar/Disney can create so well.
This computer-animated film is truly a gem and displays the advancements Pixar has developed in their filmmaking.
Monsters, Inc. will leave you astounded by the technological advancements in animation. You’ll find yourselves wanting more.
Notice Sully’s fur and examine how the ripple effect chain reacts with the other fur on his body in a fluid and poetic motion.
Furthermore, look at his scales when he breathes. This is just an example of the tireless effort invested in this film for a great picture that satisfies on many levels. Or if you have seen the film, notice the joyful, exasperated and detailed smile of Sully that ends the film on a touching note.
From the creepy voice of Steve Buscemi as the villainous and slimy Randall Boggs, to the company head Mr. Waternoose voiced by James Coburn, one can analyze and hypothesize all they want, but what it comes down to is that this film will bring families together in thrills and laughs and will ultimately satisfy many.
Furthermore, one must respect an animated film that contains a little twist that can catch many off guard with their gullibility when watching a children’s film.
It seems as if Disney/Pixar are simply getting better as they go along, yet, what can they do next to top this? We will have to wait and see!
The film indeed has many great points and will be pleasing to both children and adults. That said, there really is not much more to say than to sit down and enjoy a real treat.

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