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Is Jet Li “The One?”

by Archives November 7, 2001
In Jet Li’s latest action extravaganza, he plays Yulaw, an ex-interdimensional cop who leaps from dimension to dimension killing different versions of himself, and absorbing their power.
Two other interdimensional lawmakers (played by Delroy Lindo and Jason Stratham) are sent to stop him from killing the last remaining version, a swat team officer named Gabriel.
Basically this film seems at times like an 85 minute excuse to see Jet Li fight Jet Li. The plot line is unoriginal, and the dialogue leaves much to be desired.
However, that is not to say this is a bad film. In fact, as escapist fun it
works quite well. Basically the best way to describe this film is as pure fun.
You just have to sit back and enjoy the action.
It’s obvious that this is the largest budget Li has ever worked with, and the inevitable showdown uses top notch CGI that, while not flawless, manages to give the appearance that Li is indeed fighting himself.
Fans of Li’s Hong Kong imports may react to this film differently then those who have never heard of Jet before “Lethal Weapon 4,” as it pales in comparison to earlier films such as the now classic “Once Upon A Time In China,” “Swordsman 2” and “Fist of Legend.”
However, this is much better than “Romeo Must Die” and “Lethal Weapon 4” (but not quite as good as this summer’s Luc Besson/Jet Li collaboration “Kiss of the Dragon”).
Basically, fans of Li could do a whole lot worse. There are worse ways to spend 85 minutes, and given the current political climate, provides viewers with a much needed refuge.

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