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Celebrating the importance of artistic merit

by Archives February 27, 2002

With over 120 projects being showcased free of charge at various venues across campus, Concordia’s Artmatters festival is sure to be able to offer something of interest to all students in every faculty of the university.
Katherine Perry, the co-ordinator of the Artmatters festival, says that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes, adding “the proposals come from every discipline imaginable: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture theatre, dance, music, spoken word, installation, film, and everything in between.”
Among the artists featured this year will be Mingus Mingus, from the francophone percussion group BAM! which performed at the Centaur Theatre earlier this year. Also, Governor-General Award-winning poet Stephanie Bolster will be performing readings with first-year poetry students.
All performances will take place at conveniently located at venues such as Reggies, Kafein, the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, the Vanier Atrium, the Vanier Library, and the Hive.
The festival, which was created last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Concordia’s fine arts faculty – which is one of the largest and most diverse in Canada – was a huge success, winning the school and its organizers a government award and critical acclaim.
According the Perry, the goal of this year’s festival is to “expand on the great start that Artmatters made last year, and prove that art is necessary to a healthy society.”
Part of that goal will also be to encourage the growth of a strong Fine Arts community within the University. Says Perry: “In the world today of budget cuts and horrible lack of funding, the skills, connections, support, and friendships that stem from an already-established fine-arts community can get you through that scary time.”
The event will officially take off at the Hive on Friday, March 1 with an opening party that is free to all Concordia students and faculty. Organizers hope that many students and staff, especially from other departments and outside faculties, will come to the event. They are also still “on the prowl” for volunteer help. If you you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please e-mail Katherine Perry at bonsaiaphrodite@yahoo.ca.

For a complete listing of scheduled events, artists, and performers, consult the calendar posted on the Artmatters website at:http://artmatters.concordia.ca

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