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Moratorium on Middle East Subjects

by Archives September 11, 2002

In the article on the Middle East moratorium there is a comment by Basel Al-Ken, president of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), “It’s an attack on freedom of speech they [Concordia administration] go for,” said Al-Ken. “They’re not respecting their own rules, so we’re not going to either.”

I’m a little disappointed in this statement since freedom of speach is exactly what was breached at Netanyahu’s speech. How many sides of the fence is Al-Ken on? How can someone organize a protest to prevent someone from speaking and then complain about freedom of speech being attacked? Concordia’s moratorium will only be for a limited time, but because of the demonstration I am sure there are individuals that will never speak at Concordia.

I am not in total agreement with Concordia’s ban, especially it’s length, but if students are going act like barbarians the administration is not going to treat us like students.

Andrej Gombar

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