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Photographs from another planet

by Archives October 2, 2002

With her new exhibit, Les Mondes Frax 4D, Canadian photographer Holly Marie Armishaw proves that science and art can co-exist in harmony.

The first thing that grabs your attention as you enter the exhibit is its atmosphere. Stepping off the street, you enter a townhouse, converted into a string instrument atelier.

Glancing around the gallery, it’s easy to overlook the artwork at first. Hanging amidst the violas, cellos and violins are the 10 seemingly innocent photos that make up the collection.

The photographs, almost all of which are of an unusually large scale, range from vivid landscapes to pale cityscapes and skylines.

However, imposed in every shot are gigantic, brightly coloured, amorphous blobs. Using computer technology, Armishaw has taken her vast landscape photos and overlaid them with giant, textured, electronically generated forms.

Born in Lacombe, Alberta, Armishaw has spent years pursuing an extensive education in the fine arts. She attended the Canadian University College, Red Deer College and Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, completing her BFA in photography in 2000.

Though relatively new to the art scene, Armishaw has participated in many photography shows in the last two years, such as Caf

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