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War on terrorism comes full circle

by Archives October 30, 2002

Michel Chossudovsky, an economics professor from the University of Ottawa, is attempting to unveil what he calls the “real” reasons the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush has decided to wage a war on terrorism since Sept. 11.

The author of War and Globalisation: The Truth Behind September 11 delivered his own take on the events since the attacks on New York City’s twin towers to an audience at the University of Montreal on Oct. 21.

Chossudovsky claimed there is an intricate web of complicity and deceit among members of the Bush administration and that much of the information divulged to the public is a cover-up of facts and events. This cover up, according to Chossudovsky, proves that the CIA created Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, among other undisclosed “miscellaneous facts.”

Bin Laden was allegedly an “intelligence asset” to the CIA during the Cold War and has, according to the CIA, turned on them like “a son going against his father.”

9/11 was ultimately a pretext to wage a war that originated during the Clinton administration to secure the interests of Anglo-American oil conglomerates in a region known as the Eurasian Corridor, which spans from the Mediterranean Sea to the Chinese borders, he said.

“We know that this war in Afghanistan was waged to serve U.S. interests in the oil of that region,” said Chossudovsky. “If we look at this macro region […] it contains more than 60 per cent of the oil and natural gas reserves in the world and that’s only a very conservative estimate.”

According to research conducted by Chossudovsky, the head of Pakistan’s secret services (ISI), Lieutenant General Mahmoud Ahmad, the alleged “moneyman” behind 9/11, was in Washington on an official visit from Sept. 4 to 13.

During this visit, on the morning of the attacks, Ahmad was at a breakfast meeting at Capitol Hill with Senator Bob Graham and Representative Porter Goss, chairmen of the House Intelligence committees, to discuss terrorism issues. Chossudovsky said this discussion was like asking “Al Capone how to dismantle organized crime.”

Another issue trivialized by the mainstream media, he said, was the assassination on Sept. 9, 2001, of General Ahmad Shah Massoud, a leader of the Northern Alliance. The Northern Alliance confirmed that the “Pakistani ISI-Osama-Taliban axis” was responsible for his assassination. Despite this information, the Bush administration overlooked that fact and decided in its post-Sept. 11 strategy to have Pakistan’s ISI as an ally.

Chossudovsky tied all of this in to allege that 9/11 was a “carefully planned intelligence operation” and ultimately the evidence points to Al Qaeda and Bin Laden who were financed by Pakistan’s ISI which was backed by the CIA.

In the end, Chossudovsky points out the loopholes because he wants people to realize that the ongoing war on terrorism, if fought in Iraq, will be “devastating for all of mankind, especially if there are nuclear weapons involved.”

The Bush administration has said it will not exclude the option of nuclear bombs and is currently thinking of employing “mini-nukes” (smaller nuclear bombs which are just as devastating as the regular ones).

The idea behind this conference, he said, was to intervene to stop “media censorship” and this general “consensus of negation” about the necessity of war.

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