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by Archives October 16, 2002

(Hi! I wrote this rather strange/controversial poem/editorial/protest hymn and would appreciate it if you published it during these times of peril. Sincerely yours: Jonathan Wexler)

Lamentation for Con U

Shouldn’t the rhetoricians of Concordistan
Join Jemaah Islamiyah?
My rabbi on the high holidays described
The space boxed in by Mackay-Bishop-De Maissoneuve
As the nexus of evil

Remember Wiemar? (Heidegger)
Academia has failed-while Syrians murder Lebanese for their
Poppy/heroine trade, Iraq gasses the Kurds to clear zones for war on Iran

Wahabistic oppression in Saudi Arabia duels with the House of Saud Mob where 1,000 guys pillage the desert kingdom

Hello, Israel is a Democracy
The residents do have a vote-Arab, Jew, Druze, Christian-the Mormon community near the Temple Mount

All the media and Concordia propagandists show is an Israeli tank
What about if you show an American bombing Cambodia
A Colombian drug lord slaying the villagers
The Australians against their aborigines fridge dwellers-everyone-would-look-evil
The anti-Semitic Jews and middle-eastern propagandists of the Hall building’s halls cannot be ignored like Fabrikant was

Because back in Weimar
Circa 1930 Hitler was young once too,
A struggling artist-
So was Goebbels,
Leni Riefenstahl,
Remember ‘uprising’
Look at it again-for the first time
Nothing but cryptic Left wing version of
Triumph of the Will
Academia at the dawn of this millennium has
Lost its way
And yes, a whole institution,
A whole network of institutions, a whole empire can turn the wrong way,
Al-Junayd-Jesus-the Chinese guy
Who stood up to tanks at Tianenman-Concordia
May be just Con U-but the propagandists (; ) aka the evil doers)
Are wrong to portray Israel as oppressors-surrounded by a billion Arabs-its more like
A high-tech concentration camp and I spit at the UN & the alliance of petty third world dictators who have turned-turned at the World of the Living-in return for a clever sound bite.

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