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A new group to be formed

by Archives November 6, 2002

Last week, while making the rounds of the protest tables in the hall building, I noticed flyers announcing the formation of a new group at Concordia called Students Against SPHR. These students were arguing that the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) organization was taking over Concordia with their agenda, and that they were “above the law” by disregarding the moratorium on the mid-east.

The flyer then presented a few carefully thought out half-truths and lies to try to convince people that the mid-east problems are all to be blamed on the Palestinians.

Well, a few concerned students have decided to get together to oppose these lies and have started a group of our own: Students Against Students Against SPHR (sasas).

Yes, wherever Students Against SPHR go to spew their hatred, Students Against Students Against SPHR will be there to correct the lies.

Yes, the line between reality and banality has further been blurred.

President of SASAS.

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