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by Archives November 20, 2002

Dear editor,
I am sure this is a redundant sentiment and my reiterating it will not make it resound any louder but, as an outsider, Concordia’s understanding of “free speech” seems to be lacking as seen with the recent speakers’ orations.
Need I remind you that Netanyahu’s freedom of speech was not maintained? I can not seem to grasp the difference between his revoked ability to speak on the Concordia campus and the moratorium, which forbade the mps and the activist to speak inside the building. No, no wait, there was the lack of violence oh, and the fact that the recent speakers got to be heard.
When one has to choose what free speech is acceptable-the valued catch phrase loses whatever meaning it once had.
The audacity to advocate free speech in a one-sided fashion is not surprising but maddening and appalling.
If the outbreak of violence and the blatant suppression of free speech has not taught students a glaring lesson, the moratorium should have, but instead, with lawyers in tow the thoughtless fight continues.

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