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Invitation to Explore!

by Archives November 6, 2002

Dear Editor,

We would like to take the opportunity to invite you in paying a visit to our website ‘The Free Spirit Centre’. At ‘The Free Spirit Centre’ dedicated free spirits are hard at work in bringing their unique and inspired visions to you!

Our website’s primary intention is in the promotion of personal and soul growth, healing and human issues. Those who contribute in writing on the site use the opportunity in sharing their own real life experiences and what they’ve learnt as a result of it, with other people, of which in turn, completes their phase of healing when sharing their stories with the world.

As well as discussing the personal issues of life, the site also offers tools for aid in personal growth, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded free spirits from around the world.

Our site is an important part of our world and we would love if it were to become an important part of yours too and to your readers. We hope that by sharing our experiences with you we might ‘strike a cord’ in you and help toward healing any of your own personal, psychological or spiritual issues.

We encourage our readers to share with us their opinion, be it good or bad! And for any of you who have any experiences you would like to share, we do appreciate the contribution of your own articles. Visit the link below if that interest you:


Thank you for your time and attention so far. We would like for you to come and join us in our experience, so just get comfy, settle down and make yourself at home!

Make your day a better day!

Have a Great Day!
Joseph Ghabi
The Free Spirit Centre

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