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Saluting our veterans

by Archives November 6, 2002

A group of Concordia students want to pay their respects to Canadian war veterans by piecing together the largest ever Canadian flag.

We Will Always Remember (WWAR), organized by four Concordia students, is working with 52 other schools across Canada to form the largest Canadian flag on record. Each school has received a piece of the flag measuring 225 square feet for students to sign before being taken to Ottawa for this Sunday’s national Remembrance Day celebrations.

Concordia students were able to sign the flag last Monday through Wednesday. Although project Co-ordinator Peter Schiefke could not specify how many students took advantage of the opportunity to salute Canada’s veterans, he said the turnout across Canada was “amazing.”

“Some schools had to stop a day early, they had so many signatures. [Concordia students] came out from all faculties. To be honest, I can’t tell how many signatures we have, it would take a few hours to count,” he said.

According to Schiefke’s message on the group’s Web site, the project was founded to “cultivate awareness among youth about the sacrifices Canadian soldiers have made, and continue to make, in order to preserve our freedom and integrity.

“Our veterans and their accomplishments are a key part of Canada’s heritage and must never be forgotten,” he adds.

On Sunday morning a bus will leave Montreal for Ottawa, where 52 student representatives will be on hand for a ceremony that afternoon to be presided over by either Industry Minister Alan Rock, Deputy Prime Minister John Manley, or possibly Prime Minister Jean Chr

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