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AIESEC Concordia’s New Trainee’s experience

by Archives March 26, 2003

Dear Concordian publishers

I’m Robert Maxwell Kim, VP Communication for Aiesec Concordia and we are having our first trainee since a long time ago. Her name is Sybille Henning from Germany and she’s now working for AZUR MEDIA.

I would like to publish an article about her on her experience here in Montreal as a trainee.

The article would be around 400 words along with a picture of her.

I would like to know if it is free to publish this article into your amazing newspaper THE CONCORDIAN. If not, what are the charges?

I thank you very much.
Robert Maxwell Kim
VP Communication 2003-2004
AIESEC Concordia

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Our Web-site is: www.geocities.com/aiesec_concordia/

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