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Krazyfest #4

by Archives March 12, 2003

Hi, this isn’t actually for the letters to the ditor section.
my name is amber goodwyn, and i don’t know if Tim told you about this already, but here goes.

My buddies and I would like a write-up or possibly some sort of article in your lovely paper about our event. We, the Circle K Media Collective are putting on our annual festival of independent video festival, called Krazyfest (#4). We are a group of friends, mostly students, dedicated to suporting each others art projects be they film, music, or zines.
This Krazyfet for example is suopported by the bands The Robobots, Holy Moly, Hakan Loob and Christ on a Cracker. The whole thing kicks of at 8:30pm at Bonkifs on the 22nd of March, 3$ at the door. the place is goona be packed and the show will be awesome. please consider us then!!!
thanks, amber

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