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RE: Looking for Hanna Munneke

by Archives April 9, 2003


This is not a “letter to the editor” exactly, I have been looking for an old friend for over a year and a half now. Her name is Hanna Munneke originally from some islands off of Seattle. I have tried every mutual friend and search method and recently have come upon some articles from your paper. She was a volunteer teacher in Guatemala so the article regarding the music festival caught my eye. I am desperate to find her because she has some photos of my baby’s father who has since died from Roatan Island where we all lived a few years ago. My name is Sascha Zuger and I can be reached at saschazuger@hotmail.com. I’m sure you guys are probably on break now but if anyone receives this and knows Hanna or can forward this to her I would love to know if it is the same girl. Thank you for your time, Sascha

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