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Sex survey shows women want nice men who smell good

by Archives October 22, 2003

Guys who think they know what women want might be missing the point, at least according to the results of the 2003 AXE Effect survey of 18 to 24-year-old Canadians. Contrary to popular belief, the bad ass is out and what women really crave is a regular nice guy who smells great.

Body odor was listed as the biggest turn-off for women, beating out smoking, drinking, over-eating and poor fashion sense. Eighty-two per cent answered that smell is either “very” or “extremely” important in the dating game.

Coincidence that the self-proclaimed no. 1 male deodorant body spray in the world found smelling good to be attractive?

Not when it’s is something so basic, said Gisel Della Chiara, the sexy host of TV’s The Sex Files and Latin Vibes and current AXE spokesperson.

“A lot of guys have the perfect package, but they don’t believe that cleanliness is a part of that,” she explained.

“The word has to get out there somehow,” said Della Chiara.

Going heavy on cologne without using any deodorant just doesn’t cut it. And smelling funky does not exactly exude masculinity.

“There is a difference between looking like you came off a motorcycle and smelling like you came out of the gym,” she said.

“Women hold the cards to asking out a man and women hold the cards to declining a man,” she added.

“A man has to prepare the best package he can.”

The survey was conducted via phone interviews with 1000 people, male and female, across Canada by the independent research firm Commins Wingrove.

This year’s survey, in its second edition, coincides with the launching of the new AXE fragrance, Essence, hailed as a celebration of the naughty and nice sides of guys that women find irresistible.

Della Chiara said that most people don’t want to be told what to do, so the survey was a way to show that the majority of Canadians do consider smell to be very important in their relations with the opposite sex.

The most surprising result of the survey for Della Chiara was that guys still believe that women are looking for jerks or party animals.

In Quebec, 55 per cent of males thought women would choose the rebel or the partygoer over the nice guy. However, 60 per cent of women said they want a “Mr. Nice Guy.”

“The older [we] women get, [the more] we just want a guy with an edge, but essentially we all want good men,” Della Chiara explained. “This is something that most guys still don’t get.”

“But if guys have knowledge of what women are initially attracted or not attracted to, it should give them some confidence,” said Della Chiara.

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