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by Archives January 7, 2004

This school can sometimes feel really big and disengaged-people hustling around, coming and going. The next thing you know, they’re gone. So, in attempt to get students acquainted with one another, ConU confidential is giving interested singles at Concordia the chance to receive a little background information on the faces of other unattached students around campus.

This week’s profile showcases a guitarist from the South Shore band Restrain. This “dude” is definitely a real Canadian beer drinking party animal. Read on and find out for yourself.

Name: Danny “Love” Lavigueur

Age: 20, Born July 28, 1983

Current program: The “Loveman” is in first year economics.

Are you: completely hetero; mostly hetero; bisexual; mostly homosexual; or completely homosexual? COMPLETELY heterosexual.

Where would we find you?

1- At school: at Sara’s and around the downtown campus.

2- Outside of school: Mad Hatter’s, Peel Pub.

The last book you’ve read: Dude Where’s my Country, by Michael Moore.

What’s in your CD player: Strung Out’s “Twisted by Design.”

The best thing in life is: Cheese.

The most important part of the body is: The soul… [Ooh-He’s so deep], and sometimes the left foot because it works out a lot.

The two most power-filled words: “LUNCH TIME.”

The most destructive habit: Cigarettes; booze; falling asleep before Conan O’Brian gets on air.

In your opinion, do situations exist where there is no absolute truth: Definitely, that’s why you call it an opinion.

Some close friends invite you to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. You despise Mexican food. What do you do? I’d pretend to enjoy myself. And then I’d take a Motrin.

Would you ever, under any circumstance, go on one of those stupid reality TV dating shows: For sure: ElimiDate. I’d have to work out my abs though.

The first thing you usually say to an attractive stranger after the usual introductions: (laughing) I’m in a band.

Almonds are part of which family: The nuts family [That’s incorrect by the way, almonds are part of the peach family].

Three words that start with the letter ‘R’: Reduce, recycle, and reuse.

If you could be a letter which would choose: ‘B,’ for BOOTY.

Your favorite word: Dude!

E-mail DANNY: go_writedanny@hotmail.com


If you’re interested in finding that special someone and seeing your face in these pages, you could be profiled in ConU confidential. Contact us at concordianentertainment@hotmail.com

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