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by Archives September 7, 2005

Something struck me as I watched the Stingers beat the McGill Redmen at Molson Stadium Thursday night. I’d say out of the announced attendance of a little under 3000, less than 150 were Concordia students. Understandably the majority were McGill fans, but I think everyone was surprised at how big the difference was.

People at the game will know that there was a sea of yellow behind the Stingers bench. People at the game should also know that they were a group of “Froshies” at the game as part of their package. And as the game was coming to an end, they drowned out the McGill faithful, chanting “Who’s Your Daddy?”

My question is how many of these students will attend another Stingers game of any kind while they’re at Concordia? Out of the Concordia students at the game, I would venture to guess less than thirty. Where were all the other students? Granted, McGill classes had started and Concordia’s had not, but it must have been disappointing and a little embarrassing for the coaches and players to see so few Stinger faithful at a game in downtown Montreal.

Concordia attracts all different kinds of people, and I don’t expect everyone to be a sports fan. Everyone has their own interests, but there are sport fans at Concordia. Walking around campus, I see Canadiens fans and Maple Leafs fans, I see fans of the Calgary Stampeders and the Ottawa Renegades and countless NFL teams. A lot of us have allegiances to rival teams and share a passion for sports. My question to the students of Concordia is why don’t we show more support for the student-athletes who put so much time and effort to represent our school. Why don’t all students, not just the sport fans, rally around the athletes and show some school spirit?

This isn’t a one game thing, either. This is something that has bothered me since I started going to games as a Concordia student. At most games, I was one of the only students there. There were fans, don’t get me wrong, but shouldn’t we as students show school spirit? Shouldn’t students make up the majority of the attendance and Stinger games instead of players’ families and friends?

It is embarrassing that my initial thought whenever I see someone wearing something Stinger-related is that they play for one of the teams. Why are we so ashamed to show Stinger Pride? Does it even exist? Obviously there are people who show up and support the teams, but it is a very small minority.

I challenge every member of Concordia’s student body to attend one sports game this year. Soccer, baseball and rugby games are free and football, basketball and hockey games will get you top value for your dollar. Even if you don’t know a blue line from a bottom line, a first down from a down jacket, bring your friends and scream at the top of your lungs. The athletes on the field will thrive on the added support and hey, you might actually enjoy yourself.

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