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Batman Begins

Action. 13+. 140 mins.
Christian Bale
Katie Holmes

Following his parents’ murder, Bruce Wayne goes into exile, searching for a way to fight the world’s injustices. Upon his return to Gotham City, he unveils his new alter-ego: Batman.
This new Batman installment is actually a prequel to one of the most success superhero series.
Bonus features include numerous featurettes and game demos. Two-disc special edition also includes an exclusive comic book.

Land of the Dead

Horror. 13+. 97 mins.
Dennis Hopper
John Leguizamo

Zombies walk the earth as those left alive are confined to live in a walled-in city in this new installment of George A. Romero’s Dead trilogy. As the walking corpses grow in strength and number, a group of scavengers must find a way to overthrow the powerful businessmen living in fortified skyscrapers who plan on blowing up the entire place. Bonus features include making-of featurettes and deleted scenes.

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