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Canada impresses with common-wealth of medals

by Archives March 22, 2006

The opening ceremony of the 18th Commonwealth Games took place last Wednesday, March 15. The Games are taking place in Melbourne, Australia. Seventy-two countries are participating and 4500 athletes are competing. On day seven of the events Canada is ranked third overall in medals with 47 total and fourth in gold medals with 11.

Australia, however, leads the medal race with an outstanding 53 gold, 47 silver and 41 bronze for a grand total of 141 medals.

Concordia has a special connection to this year’s Games. The 18-year-old Wales native Rhiannon Elizabeth Henry, is a Concordia student and she has competed in two events: Aquatics Swimming Women’s 50m Elite Athletes with a Disability (EAD) Freestyle and 100m EAD Freestyle. In the 50m’s she made it to the final and finished in 8th place in 29.43 seconds. Henry finished in 4th position in the 100m’s final with a time of 1:02.51. This is her 2nd Commonwealth appearance and Henry also participated in the Athens Paralympic Games. Her goal is to win a Paralympic medal.

The 12-day Games will come to a close on March 26 and will be held again in another four years in New Delhi, India.

Only six teams have attended every Commonwealth Games: Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

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