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by Archives March 29, 2006

Dear Editor,

Much to my dismay, earlier this week I found out that an ECA (Engineering and Computer Science Association) executive circulated a malicious e-mail alleging that Conscious seeks to remove corporations from campus, referring to the companies that help Engineering & Computer Science students through various financial contributions, employment fairs and so much more. This implies that Conscious would severely handicap the quality of our programs. On the contrary, Conscious would never EVER do anything to endanger the steady stream of funding that allows our faculty to be one of the leading Engineering faculties in the country. Furthermore, the Conscious team will encourage the mutually beneficial relationships with the business sector which provide all of us engineers with internship opportunities and real world work experience during the completion of our studies. In ALL our classroom visits, Conscious actively promotes creating a database of internship opportunities based on these business relationships as well as promoting career fairs and networking cocktails to build new relationships.

I find it highly regrettable that supporters of other slates, especially Experience/Evolution would go to such dishonest tactics in order to put our team down. I furthermore consider the ECA president’s behavior to be very unprofessional and uninformed in this matter, especially since I volunteered in the last 3 ECA career fairs and was one of the people that helped to make it happen. This individual has made no effort whatsoever to contact any member of Conscious prior to sending out his defamatory email, which demonstrates a clear lack of interest when it comes to learning both sides of a story. I’m really wondering whether he even bothered to check out our website and learn about our platform.

In short, Conscious is for those partnerships which are beneficial for students and the community. The only time when we might oppose such partnerships is when student rights would be clearly infringed upon, for instance in issues dealing with intellectual property, curriculum being interfered with from the outside, or the research process being tampered with.

I’d like to encourage all students, particularly those in ENCS, to learn more about the elections and the various platforms and, most of all, get out and participate in the elections by making an informed choice.

Shahenda El Gindi,
Computer Science

Experience deception.

It’s approaching that time of year again. Evolution/Experience stop doing their primary job and obligation – representing students – and instead devote their efforts to representing their friends. Maybe I’m just a poor sport but there is something very perverse about the CSU grinding things to halt in order to better represent their friends.rather than students.

Evolution/Experience needs to come clean. What are your personal relations with current executives? Why have you repackaged yourself to be ‘experience’ when you were handpicked by ‘evolution’? If evolution/experience is so proud of what they have done during the past 3 years then why do they purport to be a different group of people?

It is well within their right to revamp their image; however, is it ethically right to do so? The reality is the average voter is not aware of this connection and would likely find it suspect that this connection was not declared to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally have no problem with these individuals and they are generally very likeable, but on a political level I have a massive problem with misleading students.

With that being said, it is clear to me there is only one choice. For a better union that truly represents you and will make and keep REALISTIC promises (even during campaign period..imagine) please vote Conscious this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Melina Garcia

Dear Editor,

We, the CUTV Executive, are concerned about the future of student media on campus. We feel that students should be made aware of the history of some of the issues at play in this election.

Earlier this semester, on February 8th, the current Evolution/Experience CSU Executive put forward a motion that would have robbed CUTV, CJLO and Amateur Radio of their funding and transferred the monies directly into the CSU coffers. This motion would have stripped these independent student media groups of their autonomy and ability to function without influence from the student government. None of these groups were officially informed of this motion, which would have had devastating effects on their autonomy. (Is it commonplace for the CSU to stage coups behind backroom doors?) Fortunately, a Conscious-affiliated councilor informed us of the pending motion two days before the meeting, and we mobilized over 30 people to attend. As a result, the motion was withdrawn.

At that same meeting, a Conscious CSU councilor tried to add a motion to the agenda on our behalf. The motion would have made it necessary for the CSU to give notice of any actions that would affect student groups. This motion was not added to the agenda because an Evolution/Experience candidate voted it down.

Earlier this year, an Evolution/Experience CSU Executive met briefly with a

member of the CUTV Executive to try and persuade us to adopt a pro-advertising policy. CUTV currently has a no ads policy, as we feel the role of our station is to bolster and support the student community. We do not support external advertising on campus.

We are very concerned about what another year of Evolution/Experience could mean to Concordia. In the past three years, we’ve seen an alarming increase in advertising on campus. We are also deeply concerned about the effects that Evolution/Experience will have on independent student media at Concordia.

We feel that Conscious best represents the interests of student media. They support and respect autonomous student space, as demonstrated by their involvement in groups like the Muslim Students Association and

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