by Archives March 14, 2007

This Toronto trio is definitely playing outside the lines and breaking all the rules. Best of luck categorizing this breed of rock from guitar/vocalist Brent Jackson, bassist Matthew Jameson and dummer Michael Taylor.

The Junction’s self-titled album begins with the hard rocking opener “Station Me” then smoothly and nearly flawlessly shifts into alt-rock emo sounds and indie-rock territory.

Darker rock tracks turn to lighter, brighter radio friendly pop tinted numbers with catchy hooks like “Deceptions” and “In Recall”.

Listen a few minutes longer and underlying jazz influences and classic rock vibes resonating The Police surface.

Then just when you think you may be acquainted with their sound and you think you’ve figured these boys out this Jekyll turns Hyde; a dark scratchy rock revisited (see “The Darkest Hour”).

The Junction defies the laws of the biz, embodies the sound of splitting multiple personalities and is breaking boundaries all in a days work.


Be the first to email concordianmusic@hotmail.com after midnight Thursday, March 15 to get your name (and a friend’s) on The Junction’s Guestlist for their March 19 show at La Sala Rossa!Type the band name THE JUNCTION in the subject line and include your full name
and phone number.

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