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Affordable tips to cozy up your home

by Archives October 16, 2007

Decorating can be considered as a waste of money but living in a colourless, boring apartment is no fun either.
Here are some ways to make your place look nicer for less than $5.

Glass bottles:

Go to the nearest dollar store to find these. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes so you are bound to find one or two that you like.
Put a single flower in a small glass bottle or fill a medium-sized bottle with dish-soap to get the ugly plastic container off your counter.
It will make the bathroom or kitchen look more like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

Record sleeves:

These can be found in thrift shops, garage sales and your parents’ basement.
Find sleeves with interesting covers and use sticky tack to place them on a wall.
You can frame them, arrange them like a mosaic, or use them to border a wall, a mirror, or anything really.

Clean up:
Yes, the simplest way to make your apartment look nicer is to tidy up. Your mother was right, after all.
Sweep the floor, wipe the toothpaste boogers from your sink, put your dirty laundry in a hamper and do the dishes.
Cleaning supplies are dirt cheap at your local dollar store.
A clean apartment makes everything look just a little bit nicer.

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