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The Creepshow’s Sarah “Sin” Blackwood’s Halloween Essentials

by Archives October 30, 2007

Burlington, Ontario’s punk/hellbilly foursome The Creepshow are known for their sing-along horror film/Halloween themed and inspired music.
For those who missed their Halloween party at Foufounes Electriques last Saturday, guitarist/vocalist Sarah “Sin” Blackwood sets the mood with her Halloween essentials list and shares a personal nightmare.

Sarah Sin’s Halloween Essentials:

“You’ll need chocolate, zombies and everyone has to dress up. If you don’t dress up, you’re lame! You should have a costume competition and a lot of fake blood!
Go to a dollar store. You’ll need the 60 minute Halloween soundtrack from dollarama! Creaking doors, ghost, scary voices and bats. It is the raddest thing I have ever heard. Those are just essentials for a Halloween party.
And movies like my favourite horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street III, Stephen King’s It, The Blair Witch Project and 28 Days Later.

Sarah Sin’s Nightmare:

“I lived in a house north of Toronto that I’m sure was haunted.
I had dreams of who I think were ghosts in the house. I dreamt about a woman who lived upstairs in the house. The same thing happened when I slept in the basement, except it was an older man. The lady was fine, but this man was pissed off.
I told my room mates about my dreams and they thought this was so crazy. They had a psychic come in months before I moved in and she said that there was a woman’s ghost upstairs and a man’s ghost downstairs. I guess they were hanging out with me while I was sleeping!
The lady was fine, but this man’s ghost was pissed off. The creepy man and his son apparently lived in the house. The man would pick on his son and beat him up. This man was just an old angry person. Finally, one day the son had enough and pushed him down the stairs. He died falling down those stairs and is stuck in that basement all pissed off. I’ve never experienced dreams like that before.”

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