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Conventional breakfast: Unconventional service

by Archives November 13, 2007

I drove about half an hour in a torrential downpour last Tuesday, headed towards Hochelaga and Viau to witness a concept I found completely surreal-topless breakfast.
I found parking right in front of Restaurant Les Princesses. The windows were tinted. I pulled open the doors and there stood a woman-topless-with pen and pad in hand, taking a customer’s order.
All she had on was an extremely short yellow skirt. Interestingly, nobody was ogling or behaving in any way that would suggest there was anything out of the ordinary happening. About eleven male customers sat around casually digging into their eggs, sipping coffee, or reading the morning paper.
“Lawyers, business people, construction workers, everyone comes here,” said Raynald Morissette, a managing partner of the restaurant. “We’re a respectable place and our food is really good.”
Our waitress brought over our coffees, smiled and walked away. Two middle-aged women in business suits strolled in and sat down at the table next to us.
Ronald says in the ten years Restaurant Les Princesses has been open, it has become a respectable establishment that attracts customers from across Quebec, Ontario and the United States.
He says they sell three to four hundred breakfast plates per day. Customers can expect to pay anywhere from $10.75 to $12.75 for a complete breakfast, which can include fried eggs, crepes, bagels, coffee, juice and f

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