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Mute makes deafeningly impressive debut

by Archives December 4, 2007

Listen up Montreal’s local scene, the bar has been raised. The threat is newcomers Mute fronted by Alex Geddes (vocals), with Marc Dahn on guitar/synth and Carl Lafontaine on bass/synth. One third Brit and two thirds Canadian are the key ingredients to this sparking firecracker. The trio takes their cue from influential bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure, but serves their tunes up with a heavier spin. Their self titled debut is a lusty dark electro-rock record with enough radio chum charm to land them stable footing in the mainstream.
Mute is the definition of do-it-yourself from their album art to self-PR. “There’s satisfaction in doing everything yourself, seeing your hard work grow into something,” vocalist Alex Geddes said on their fully independent beginnings. “You’ll always [have] some humility and remember where you come from.”
This triple threat knows where they come from and are headstrong about where they are going. Look out for these guys, they mean business. Mute has a game plan and knows how to work it. “We’re ready to tour as much as possible and take our audience somewhere else. We want to make our audience feel something. If you can do that really well, that goes beyond words.”
With a band slogan like “We are Mute. Can you hear us?” the answer is obviously yes and we’ll only be hearing more of Mute, much more. www.wearemute.com, myspace.com/wearemute

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