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Clutches of Fear

by Archives January 15, 2008

His name was Fear and he was not someone you wanted to be around or be friends with. He thrived on the fact that others quivered in his presence; he loved it when you ran, when times got tough and when you cringed in the face of danger. Nothing pleased him more than to see others give in to him, he took unrestrained pleasure in your failure to face your greatest challenges.

There was darkness in Fear’s eyes if you dared to look and if you did you may notice that it seemed as if he had no soul, no empathy for those who suffer, and no compassion for anyone, for he loved only one person, himself. He loved the night and for that reason he only wore the colour black for he knew he would always be able to keep to the shadows and watch others run, he was a black hole waiting to engulf his victims.

Where there was worry Fear would be there, where there was anxiety Fear would be there, where there was terror, dread, and paranoia Fear would be there, for these are moments Fear lived for. When you are at your weakest and all essence of optimism is lost Fear would come knocking at your door.

It seemed Fear would eventually swallow the world whole. But wait, there was one person who dared to stare Fear in the eye, one person to stand up against him and make Fear run in the other direction. Who is this magnificent person you ask? I will tell you, her name was Hope.

If there was a word to describe just how beautiful and loving she is I would use that word now but no word in all the languages of this Earth can describe the splendour of her loving heart. Her hair was a sliver gold that none have ever seen, her eyes had no sense of hate in them just pure love. Her smile was contagious and if you were lucky enough to see that smile you would know that whatever your trouble, whatever your plight you need not worry, you need not flinch because with Hope by your side you would know everything would be alright.

Many of you may be wondering how can Hope alone defeat Fear. The answer is simple, Hope has a secret weapon; Hope has Will to conquer Fear. So anywhere there is worry Hope and Will can be there to help you fight Fear, anywhere there is anxiety Hope and Will can be there to help you fight Fear, anywhere there is terror, dread, and paranoia Hope and Will can be there to fight Fear, for these are moments that Hope and Will live for. So remember when you are at your weakest point and all essence of optimism is lost do not give up, have courage because you have Hope and Will knocking at your door.

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