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Dance highlights from 2007

by Archives January 15, 2008

Following last week’s list of outstanding long works from 2007, here are my picks for short works that often managed to pack just as much punch.

A Certain Braided History & The Disappearance of Right and Left, Sarah Chase

Chase’s mix of storytelling and dance is one of those works that gently seeps into the mind. Still today I find myself reminiscing about a line that dancer Peggy Baker passionately uttered or about the playful complicity that Andrea Nann and Chase shared.

Comrade, Companion, Ladybox aka Hannah Dorozio & Jody Hegel

Speaking of complicity, it might be hard to top off the one that unites Dorozio and Hegel. Their completely irreverent sense of humour seems to be what holds them together, so much so that they have no problem acting mischievous onstage just for the entertainment of their audience. Ridiculously funny.

Les cuisses

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