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by Archives January 15, 2008

Dear Editor,
Thank you for acknowledging the effort being put forth by the CSU to bring free daily lunches to Loyola. As the main instigator of this initiative, I would like to take a few moments to inform your readers of the developments being made.
In the fall, I undertook preparing vegan food for 100 to 150 people every Wednesday. I typically served on the Loyola Quad at 12:30. To my incredible delight and surprise, and thanks to a faithful gathering of hungry students, the meals were consistently gone within 10 minutes. Due to the limited resources I had at my disposal (a lack of kitchen facilities at Loyola brought me to preparing all meals from my home) the CSU decided to not heavily promote the Luncheon and subsequently not have enough food for everybody.
This semester, with the acquisition of new financial resources, we will be providing lunch on Monday and Wednesday for the first few months and expect to be serving meals four days a week by March. The Luncheon will remain nomadic but I trust that the CSU will find an effective way to let students know where each Luncheon is taken place (whether in the Hive, on the Quad, or anywhere else on our beloved campus).
Bringing free daily lunch to Loyola has been a tricky process and there
remain many logistical kinks to ensure that the program run as smoothly as possible. If anybody is interested in helping develop this new initiative, please feel free to e-mail me at loyola@csu.qc.ca.

Mathieu Murphy-Perron
VP Loyola and Sustainability, CSU

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