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by Archives January 22, 2008

I stare up at the bright afternoon sky and before I know it I am propelling myself through the air. I soar above the trees, houses and cars, all of the things that remind me of this mortal coil. I can feel myself accelerate as I push through the blanket of clouds.

My eyes are closed only for a moment as I pause to immerse myself in the warmth of our yellow star; I can feel the rays of the sun energize the billions of cells that hold my body and mind as one. This simple sun shower has bestowed me with more liveliness than any natural food could ever offer.

Up here there is no responsibility, there are no rules to follow, I am free to be, just free to be and I love it. Up here there is no noise to distract me from my peaceful moment, no clatter of city life to disturb me, I am just free to be and I love it.

The only sound to pierce my ears is that of the wind but it is more like a melody caressing my ear drums. The sea of clouds turn a pinkish orange as the sun begins to set and at that very same moment a sense of euphoria hits me. Tears fill my eyes as I stare at this wonderful painting the sky seems to be portraying, calling out to anyone who wishes to gaze upon it’s beauty.

I hover to take it all in, mentally snapping a picture so that I never forget this moment. I think to myself how wonderful it would be to share this moment with someone I care for and that is when I grasp that everyone I care about is not here with me they are down there part of the mortal world. Sadness overcomes me for I realize if I were to stay here I would be alone for all time. For no beauty can replace the laughter of friends or the love of a family for isn’t that in itself another form of beauty to admire and so with one last look I fall.

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