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Out of this World

by Archives January 22, 2008

The Year is 3982,

My timepiece alerted me at the usual hour so I woke up and dragged myself out of my resting apparatus, everyday starts like this, so dull, so boring. The steel doors closed behind me as I got into the sonic shower. After about thirty nanoseconds I activated the liquid crystals to cleanse my body. I dressed myself in the required garment and absorbed my morning dish. As I approached the door the AI did it’s usual thing, scanning my body for any viral infections, I was hoping it would find something so that I wouldn’t have to go in today but it didn’t so I exited my quarters at precisely zero eight hundred.

I entered the morning hub vehicle that transfers me to my work station; everyone just looks like drones I thought to myself. What ever happened to our desires, our imagination, we have all just become mindless work drones with only our projects for the government to think of. I started to reflect on our ancient philosophers who use to dream about the achievements our people would make. They hoped one day we would reach out beyond the horizon and see what else is out there. Just then a holographic news bulletin flashed in front of my eyes divulging that an undefined vessel had just entered our solar system. I looked around the hub vehicle to witness every signal person fixated upon the same holo news event. I assumed this to be some hoax or fluke however there was another part of me curious to the events transpiring. I reached work station 2X7Y where everyone was watching the same holo news as well, “it can be confirmed that the unknown craft has passed the gas giant and it appears…yes, it appears that it is on a direct trajectory to our world,” the holo news spokesperson divulged. Can this really be, can this really be happening, we were the ones that were supposed to reach out to the heavens but here today we have something headed our way. Whatever it is the expression on people’s faces turned from shock to fear.

The AI reminded everyone to be calm, but it was hard not to panic, endless thoughts crossed my mind, a million thoughts it seemed. Although only one thought stood out amongst the chaos of my mind, were these creatures friendly? Our great philosophers would have theorized that any civilization intelligence enough to travel the stars would most likely be non-lethal, it was the “most likely” part of that phrase that sent shivers down my spine. My colleague ran up to me and she was tremendously frantic, “what do you think it is?” she asked. “I have no idea, but don’t worry, our scientists are the brightest in the world they will identify it soon,” I responded back hoping that I masked my disbelief. Just then the holo news anchor appeared, “the unknown ship has just entered our atmosphere over the northeast continent, near the capital.” Our work station is near the capital, I thought if this is it, if this is the end I want to be as close to the event as possible. So I entered the hub vehicle and inputted the coordinates of the capital but before I could disembark ten colleagues from my work station entered the hub vehicle. I could see it in their eyes they were thinking the same thing I was thinking so I did not object and when the doors closed our vehicle released from the docking clamps and took us to our faith.
The air felt apprehensive as we reached our destination. I departed the vehicle and as soon as my feet hit the ground I stared up. The sky looked as if it were on fire; I assumed this to be due to the alien vessel breaking through our atmosphere. Seven minutes later the craft could be seen coming through the clouds, I could sort of make out it’s shape, it looked like a metallic triangle with what appeared to be strange symbols on it’s side but I couldn’t make it out at this altitude. The ship slowly descended we all rushed up to get a closer look but government agents were already there holding us back. The military had drawn out what looked like to be all their weapons which were all targeting the unknown vessel. I thought this was a mistake because if these creatures were violent they would have done something threatening by now but they hadn’t so why provoke them into doing something. There was silence as the craft touched down, during that time I focused my attention to the windows and I could clearly see figures moving about inside the ship. I could now make out the strange drawings on it’s side, I assumed it be some sort of identifying mark but it was in a language I had never seen. In order to preserve this historic event I took out my electronic note device to input what I saw, I tried to write it in the same design and curvature the alien ship depicted. This is what I saw, “NASA EarthShip One.”

To Be Continued..

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