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U.K.’s Editors to play Club Soda with Canada’s Hot Hot Heat

by Archives January 15, 2008

Editors’ drummer Ed Lay’s first words to The Concordian were comments on how they lucked out on great weather in Atlanta. The U.K. rockers are no strangers to the hardships of touring, including run-ins with bad weather. Although Montreal weather can be a little unpredictable, at least our fans are bound to show them some love.

What is the best show you have played on your tour so far?

We just played the Filmore in San Francisco. The crowd was awesome. It was incredible. That’s a really top place to go and playing with Hot Hot Heat is a good party.

Tell us how the U.K. scene is different from the indie scene in North America.

The crowds are particularly different. If it’s a music town, it’s going to be the same all over. Sometimes the fans want to come up and chat with you, but it’s not usually the norm. And we just found out a few hours ago that our new album is now platinum in the UK!

Congratulations! What are you going to do to celebrate that?

We might have a beer tonight to celebrate. We were hoping this record would do as well as the last one and now it’s catching up. It’s like we have something to show our parents. When we first started our parents all thought we were crazy. But now I think they are all starting to get into it.

What is your favorite song to play live off your new album An End Has A Start?

“Spiders” towards the end of the album. It’s different to what we usually do. This one is a little bit more laid back. An End Has A Start probably has some of the most beautiful songs we have ever written.

Will we get to hear it when you play Montreal’s Club Soda?

We should be playing it by then. We just started touring again and our little arms can’t quite handle a full set so we will have to see.

Editors play Club Soda with Louis XIV and
Hot Hot Heat on Sunday, Jan.20

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