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by Archives February 26, 2008

Room And Board
372 Ste-Catherine W.
Feb. 17 – Mar. 1
New York, Washington, Miami, Tampa, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Everglades, Coral Gables . . . An exceptional décor for explosive action.

Ready-Made Views
Fonderie Darling
745 Ottawa
Feb. 25 – Mar. 2
Disconnecting oneself from the true experience of actual spaces is a result of the commodification of the land and how it is now formatted for the convenience of the viewer.

Room of Mirrors/Chambre de Miroirs
Papeterie Nota Bene
3416 du Parc
Feb. 25 – Mar. 14
In a world of reproductions, the referent seems to have disappeared, leaving us with disjunctions between our identities, our representations, societal ideals and the instability of time.

Imaginary Space
Art M

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