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Concordia ranks high in international business school study

by Archives February 5, 2008

Concordia is Canada’s leading university when it comes to training high-powered CEOs, according to a new international ranking of higher learning institutes.
The study, compiled by the École des Mines de Paris, ranked universities on how many of their alumni were Fortune 500 chief executive officers in 2006. Concordia boasted three CEOs – Dominic D’Alessandro at Manulife Financial, André Desmarais at Power Corp. of Canada and Gerald T. McCaughey at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – placing Concordia at number 33 worldwide.
McGill ranked last at number 335, having to share their single point with Concordia for Desmarais, who studied at both universities. Harvard University came out on top of the survey, followed by Tokyo University and Stanford. The only other university in Quebec to make it onto the list is the Université de Sherbrooke, which also beat McGill at number 89.

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