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by Archives February 5, 2008

Dear Editors
I would just like to thank the Concordian and Josh Boudin for reading my column, The Public Diaries of Beisan Zubi. I have been receiving tremendous feedback from so many students and appreciate Mr Boudin’s as well. Imitation is, of course, a form of flattery. And I am flattered!
So keep reading my diaries in The Link and please keep writing and talking about the CSU. It doesn’t matter of you agree with me or not, our opinions are what make us who we are.
Beisan Zubi

Dear Editor,
In your interview with Dr. Marc Garneau, last week, you stated in the subtitle that the “CSU sponsors another Liberal on campaign trail.” As president of Liberal Concordia, I feel the need to clarify things. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the CSU in planning both events we have held this semester, however the CSU’s participation in no way implies an official or unofficial endorsement nor any other form of
Our club is the most organized political group on campus and we have been able to recruit Liberal members of parliament and candidates to speak to Concordia’s student population about issues important to youth, from child poverty to government investment in university research, which no other club has done. The fact of the matter is the Liberals are
the only party to have shown interest in our school. The Conservatives, despite being those who set government policy, don’t have the courage to confront students and the NDP seems to think McGill is Montreal’s only English university.
The CSU did only what any sensible student organization would do, meaning promote student involvement in politics and further genuine political debate on campus. I hope to one day be able to say as much of Concordia’s student newspapers. The next time The Concordian bemoans political apathy on campus, maybe it should look back to its own
cynicism towards the CSU when it tried to promote political awareness and involvement.

Tarek J. Assaf
Liberal Concordia

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