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by Archives February 12, 2008

No. First of all, it’s a problem that America has started. And practically [speaking], with Canadian involvement, [the situation] has gotten worse, not better. Spreading beyond Kandahar. Settlers claim they’re getting involved in Taliban as a reaction. Americans have a bad reputation abroad, and Canadians are going the same way. We don’t even know what the point [of the war] is, and who we are fighting.

Erik Stein, Political Science, 5th yr.

War is not doing anything constructive. We have to look at in a way now that Afghanistan is no longer just a country, it’s fragmented. Some regions are under control, some regions are under Taliban control. Should we get out? I don’t know. The damage has already been done.

Alexandra Zakartchenko, Sociology/Psychology, 5th yr.

I don’t think Canada has any right to be in Afghanistan. I think the only reason we’re doing it is to be appease our southern neighbours [the U.S.]. I’m a big fan of real sovereignty – as in everyone has the right to rule within their own borders. We’re trying to have a say in how people are running their nation.
Absolutely [we should pull out]. How? Simple: we take all of our soldiers, put them on planes and boats and get them the hell out of there. Do you think the Canadian people want us there?

Jamal Tekleweld, Linguistics, 1st year

At first when I heard that Canada was getting involved, I thought it was kind of a bad thing. Like they were trying to be on good terms with the U.S., sending troops.
We don’t have anything to do with Afghanistan. It’s not our reason, it’s not our country that basically got into a war with them. It’s a good idea. but I don’t really think that it’s good for Canadians because we don’t have the budget for it.
I’m not against the troops fighting, they don’t really have a choice in that. the soldiers, I support them. However the government wants to go about it either treaties or withdrawing or something like that, would be really good.

Cynthia Jabre, Psychology, 1st yr.

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