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The Devil Wears Prada is in seventh heaven with latest release

by Archives February 5, 2008

They are not a band fronting Anne Hathaway despite the affiliation with the name. The Devil Wears Prada will be at Montreal’s Club Soda on Feb. 9. Along with them will be ill Scarlett, Silverstein and Protest the Hero. Fans should expect to hear the songs off their new album for the first time in a live environment. So far, the audience has been positive.
Jeremy DePoyster, the guitarist and one of the vocalists, talked about how the audience in Mexico was receiving the tunes off their newest album, Plagues.
“It was the craziest experience. Kids are singing along with it; we’re really doing better with our last album.” DePyster said they just have better song writing on it. It’s similar in sound to the last album, but the sales numbers have shown that whatever they are doing different is working.
One factor may be that the boys are all involved in the writing process now, more than ever. The musical influences of each member really shines through on Plagues.
“A lot of our influences were from Underoath and it was a lot of their old stuff, but as we have grown as a band, we have started bringing in a lot of different influences.”
DWP is one of the bands on the scene that may be known for its hard, loud guitars, but not so much for hard and loud partying. They tend to stick to the quiet end of things while on tour because they aren’t there to party. The boys just aren’t into it.
“We are a Christian band, but we aren’t trying to label ourselves as one. Our intention is to play with mainstream bands and be in the mainstream, but it’s not the only thing we are about.”
Plagues is in stores now.

The Devil Wears Prada plays Club Soda, Saturday, Feb. 9

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