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Student jeweler earns enough to pay her tuition

by Archives March 4, 2008

Lindsay Goodfellow’s eyes sparkle when she talks about her passion for jewelry making. Sitting in the Hall building’s JavaU, the 23 year-old Concordia history major explains how her love of accessories, mainly beads, spun off into a lucrative jewelry line.
For the past five years, she has been able to cover her university tuition with the money generated by her business.
“Jewelry is my first love,” said Goodfellow as she unfolded bags filled with charm bracelets and glistening pendants. “I am insanely crazy about these,” added pointing to the collection of shimmering Swarovski beads.
Growing up with an artistic mother and sister, Goodfellow’s love for beading started when she was a teenager. At an age when most young girls experiment with makeup and boys, she was playing with threads and beads.
Soon, her simple beading work became more complex. Inspired by the likes of Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Betsey Johnson; she started to combine different beads, play with shapes, and mix colours and textures.
Five years ago, she realized she could make a living with her beading and began commercializing her pieces. Dreaming of displaying her jewelry on stands at the Old Port, she wanted a brand name that would catch tourists’ eyes. She opted for Love Montreal.
Goodfellow began throwing ‘jewelry parties’ and displaying her work at elementary school fairs and craft events, generating a significant profit.
Thanks to the Internet – Facebook in particular – she has expanded her company’s label and can now reach more people.
Most of her pieces – with the exception of custom made ones, which can cost up to $100 – cost less than $30. She invests about $2,500 in beads annually.
After she graduates, Goodfellow plans to enroll in a jewelry design school to perfect her craft. Eventually, she would like to own a small boutique on St. Denis Street.

To learn more about Love Montreal, go to www.lovemontreal.net

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