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by Archives March 11, 2008

Is Papoose ever going to drop an album? After umpteen mix tapes, his first album, The Nacirema Dream, was supposed to be released in 2007.
Last time I checked it’s 2008 and still no album.
It’s not like he doesn’t have rhymes; he has managed to set records for the amount of mix tapes he’s dropped. Back in the summer of ’07, when I interviewed Papoose, he had just received a million bucks to put the album together. Then, in June of last year the first single came out – “Bang it Out” featuring Westcoast legend Snoop Dogg – but no album followed.
Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Papoose because of the beef between him and Fat Joe (I guess he wanted to jump on the 50 bandwagon).
Supposedly they had an altercation in a hotel room. I don’t really care what happened, but I hope that at least Papoose is smart enough to use this to get publicity for that upcoming album. And the gossip doesn’t stop there — supposedly him and Remy Ma are set to marry this summer. My honest guess is it will be another 18 mix tapes before we hear an LP.
Rapper and self-proclaimed Bloods gang member The Game is releasing a mix tape after he gets out of jail (he’s serving a 60 day sentence for a felony weapons charge) and before he drops his third album LAX.
This creates a perfect opportunity for The Game to call his new mix tape-what my good friend Lucas so intelligently came up with – There Will Be Bloods.
South By Southwest Music Festival and Conference, commonly referred to as SXSW, is going down this weekend in Austin Texas. Bun B will be headlining the conference and a couple of other up-and-coming notables will be performing, including Wale and Wiz Khalifa.
Remember a while back there were auditions being held to find someone to play Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.) in the upcoming movie about Biggie’s life. The New York Times and other media outlets covered the search.
Well after months of hunting and beating out rappers Beanie Siegel, Guerilla Black and singer Sean Kingston who all also showed interest in the part, Brooklyn rapper Gravy has been chosen to play Biggie. You may remember him as the guy who got shot in the ass outside of the Hot 97 studios in New York in the spring of 2006. Both Biggie’s mom, Voletta Walace, and Diddy will be producers on the film.
The Montreal Munny show is this Friday at the Off The Hook Gallery. Munny is a do-it-yourself Kid Robot toy that comes blank and allows you to decorate as you please. Bring in your Munnys by Wednesday to add them to the army that will be on display.

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