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These boys like Avril’s girls

by Archives March 18, 2008

American pop-punk quartet Boys Like Girls is currently on tour with the mighty Canadian pop princess, Avril Lavigne. Though it’s become common knowledge that Lavigne’s ticket sales have plummeted, that doesn’t bother lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni. In fact, he’s thrilled to be performing for so many screaming girls.
“We still wouldn’t bring out this many people headlining our own show and it’s a different audience.” DiGiovanni noted. “It just means more people get to hear our music.”
That’s exactly what is happening for the Boston foursome right now. Boys Like Girls have a positive attitude and nothing seems to be pulling them down on this tour. The guitarist doesn’t even mind being pigeonholed by the media.
“I guess that’s the best way some people understand what music sounds like on paper. It isn’t a bad thing if it gets more people listening to our music.”
In the end, that really is the point.

For more Boys Like Girls visit www.myspace.com/boyslikegirls
Their self-titled debut is available now.

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