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Bonjour Brumaire says ‘Hello English fans’

by Archives April 8, 2008

It’s a fact; French people listen to English music.
I have always listened to the French rap group TTC for the obvious reason that they rule life. But I have always wondered how much French music the English people outside of Quebec actually listen to.
French Montreal-based band Bonjour Bumaire got back from Canadian Music Week (CMW) a few weeks ago and lead singer Youri Zaragoza was able to shine some light on what it’s like for a French band to make it in the English-speaking industry outside of our province.
“This week was really big for us. We had a lot of people come out and they really seemed to like us,” said Zaragoza.
His English is more than good – despite the Québequois accent ringing through his speech, I had no problem understanding him.
The band’s music itself is pop-ish, and I can see how people wouldn’t have a hard time connecting with it, even if it’s sung in another language.
The band has accomplished a lot this year and received tons of publicity in both the French and English media. They were also a huge success at CMW.
But where does the band go from here? I asked Zaragoza if the band feels they will ever have to choose between catering to a French or English audience.
“I don’t think so,” he replied.
On April 1, Indica Records released the band’s first full-length in Montreal, De la natures des foules. Zaragoza said his band enjoyed recording with local producer Ryan Battistuzi.
With new songs, a new album and lots of upcoming shows, Bonjour Bumaire is ready for summer.

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