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The Reign – Keep it Regal

by Archives April 8, 2008

Last edition of this school year, last column; therefore this should be a good one, I’ll try my best but I’m not making any promises.
I’m convinced that Weezy has lost his mind. My guess is either to martians or to that lean-the horrible trend from the south of drinking cough syrup. His new track lollipop is making big moves on the radio but I personally think the track is horrible and his recent material shows he has finally done what a lot of people thought he would do along time ago, overdo himself. Not sure if you saw the Strapped condom ad he did but there is a sexual innuendo no one in his yes man camp seems to have been brave enough to tell him about yet.
Don’t you read the blogs, Weezy? He was on BBC radio with Tim Westwood and was sort of asked about the ad-he never pushed the issue or asked directly. I wasn’t sure if Westwood was intimidated or just didn’t want to be the bearer. Lil Wayne’s reaction seemed like he had no idea what Westwood was referring to or as if he was trying to play it off like the innuendo didn’t exist. Now, Weezy is also jumping on the dance wagon-maybe in jest, but maybe not. Youtube videos of his “hit ’em with that wam” are rampant on the internet. I will admit though, the Wam dance is hilarious.
Definitely not your favorite, but one of the best Chi town MCs Rhymefest -I mean you need to get past Common and Kanye-will be dropping an album called El Che named after the great Che Guevara. Not coincidentally he’s threatening an album about revolution.
Papoose and Remy Ma will be getting married-not exactly the best looking couple. On the location and date of the marriage Papoose said to MTV that “we were scheduled to be married on a yacht April 27th. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now making arrangements to be married in prison.” Seems like a reasonable substitute. I wonder what kind of wedding services they offer up North.
The Roots will be here with the undeniably fabulous Erykah Badu. The Roots are one of my favorite acts to see live, plus I love the tracks I have heard so far from the upcoming album Rising Down. Concert at Sepsum May 6 and album drops April 29.
The Alkaholiks, will be in mtl April 13 on their Rehab Tour. What happened to “call it what you want to call it I’m a f*cking alchahloic,” I don’t think that sort of attitude is appreciated in rehab. Concert at Saints Showbar, 30 St. Catherine Ouest. This Saturday, The Fool’s Gold “Screaming Bloody Murder” Tour will be coming through town, featuring A-Trak, Sinden and Steve Aoki. A-Trak amongst being a hometown hero and starting up the Fool’s Gold label also happens to be Kanye West’s DJ. I’m not really sure where the death theme for the tour came from but the show should be good. Party at the SAT, 1195 Saint Laurent.
I’ll finish off by saying that electro is making a huge impact and if it isn’t already, it’s the next hip-hop. All you old school guys can groan right now. We’re going to hear a lot of horrible mash ups and collabos but don’t disregard it all cause some of it is good, really good.
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The Reign Recommended Bangers:
1. Ludacis- Stay Together
2. AZ ft. Consequence – Heavy in da Game
3. Outkast ft. Raewon – Royal Flush
4. AC – New Soul

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